10 Best Strategies to Win at Pool Every Time

Pool is a game of skill, but strategy is also a very important part of your game if you want to win more of the time. Here we share some of the best strategies to win at pool every time.

1) Deal with the Problems First

It can be tempting to take the easy shots first, but this is rarely the best solution. Strategically it is better to deal with the problem balls first and leave the easiest until last.

2) Be Careful

If you have to take the choice between a risky shot or a defensive one in a game of pool you should usually chose the safe option. This is not the approach that many amateurs take, but it can mean the difference between winning and losing.

3) Take the Upper Hand

Winning at pool isn’t just a question of you making the best shots. It is a question of you making things as difficult as possible for your opponent.

4) Beware of Clusters

It is very frustrating to be close to the end of the pool game and you realize that your final shots are going to be extremely difficult because you have a cluster problem! If you can’t break out from that you are soon going to find that it’s game over. The best strategy is to deal with the clusters early on in the game so that towards the end you will have a free run at taking your best shots.

5) Know Your Weaknesses

Some shots may be more difficult for you than others. If you know that rail shots are going to be a problem for you think carefully about whether you take the shot or play more strategically.

6) Play the Game Like a Chess Match

There is no point in just taking an easy shot and then having no plan of what to do next. If you leave yourself with nowhere to go after that first shot, then your opponent gets the chance to play again and dominate the game. Always plan ahead, just as you would in a game of chess. Think of your next move.

7) Think Like a Winner

If you do not have confidence in yourself, you will find it very difficult to win at pool every time. Skills are very important, but belief in your game can take you to a higher level. Having confidence is important.

8) Have an Exit Strategy

It is always a good strategy to work out which ball you will pocket prior to the 8 ball. If you have your eye on this key ball this can mean that you have an easy exit strategy to pocket that immediately followed by the 8 ball.

9) Block the 8 Ball

If your ball is blocking the 8 ball, then leave it well alone. Your opponent cannot pocket the 8 ball if you are in the way. Only disturb this situation if you know that you have a clear exit strategy and can win the game after you free up the winning ball.

10) Put in the Hours

No one becomes a great pool player without paying their dues. The best way to up your pool game and make sure that you win every time is to spend a lot of time at the table. There is no substitute for experience.

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