Do You Believe in Karma? You Will After Reading This!

33 year old Vancouver man Jason King has hit the headlines today after a passerby took a picture of him taking off his shoes and giving them to a barefoot homeless man.

With so much carnage going on in the world today, we are happy to bring you this heartwarming story. Casey Richards, a local barista, was on his break when he saw a man taking off his shoes in the middle of the street and giving them a homeless man. “I was surprised, it was really cold and wet today. I posted the amazing picture of the mystery man to twitter and it’s kinda gone viral!”.

Well here are the Daily News we’ve managed to track down the extremely generous stranger, and there’s more to this incredible story. Jason King is a local fast-food employee and he said “I’ve seen this homeless man sitting on the side of the street barefoot every day for the past 6 months, never asking anyone for money. It was raining today and I felt it was my duty to help out. Besides, I have more pairs at home”.

Very generous indeed, but he most definitely wasn’t expecting what happened next. Jason and his wife Sandra had been trying for a baby for 6 years now to no avail. They had been speaking with doctors about treatments however this was way outside of their budget and they only had part time jobs at the time. So imagine the shock on Jason’s face when he came home and saw his wife holding a pregnancy kit, testing positive!

Jason said he was ‘overjoyed’ and couldn’t contain his tears at the news. Their family and friends are over the moon and Jason said that his motto in life is to help out anyone in need, just like the homeless man earlier in the day, and he said that ‘karma rewarded him instantly.

We wish Jason and Sandra the best for the future!

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