Trauzeuge stehen auf und unterbrichten die Hochzeitsfeier. Was er getan hat, hat alle schokiert.

The bride and groom was left in tears after receiving the ultimate surprise during their wedding from the best man.

Always the one to put friends and family first, Daniel Eriksson is never one to expect anything from anybody. Although he has been struggling to pay his bills in the past few months, the bride and groom, Jenny and Mike, has been there to help him through it.

Over the past few months, Daniel has been trying think of ways to repay his best friends back the best way possible. And he figured it out. 

During the ceremony, Daniel walked over to the bride and groom's table and showed them that their honeymoon to Europe was all paid for, flights included.

“They have always been there for me especially the last few months,” Daniel stated. “They have treated me like family and it’s only right that I do the same and repay them back. They’re the best friends I got."

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