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Dynamic Prince Slate Bed Snooker Table

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Five-piece slate bed.
The Prince is an elegant, full-size snooker table with a five-piece slate bed. This professional-grade bed provides the very best, most consistent ball roll, and is combined with a quality green woollen Hainsworth snooker cloth for optimised performance.

Quality timber rails & responsive cushions.
The main body on all five models is formed from MDF, and sits proudly on carved 21cm legs, which are themselves fitted with individual brass level adjusters for a perfectly flat playfield. The Mahogany and Gold tables feature African hardwood top rails with a comfortable depth of 95mm, whilst the Ash table uses a genuine mahogany top rail, also with a depth of 95mm. The cushion rubbers are made in England by Northern Rubber and give excellent, consistent rebound, while each handcrafted leather pocket has been designed especially for use on this snooker table range.

  • Five-piece sectional slate (45mm on 12ft tables, 38mm on 10ft and 9ft tables).
  • Solid, durable 95mm African hardwood top rails (mahogany on 10ft Ash table).
  • The 10ft Ash table is a World Championship approved product.
  • 21cm carved legs with brass level adjusters.
  • Handcrafted leather pockets designed specifically for the Prince table.
  • Tough, resilient MDF body.
  • Triple-polished finish for longevity.
  • Includes a one-year warranty against faulty components (not including cloth).
  • Fitted with a green woollen Hainsworth snooker cloth.
  • Delivery, installation and levelling included.
  • Norther Rubber cushions, made in England.
  • Includes free snooker balls, cues and everything you need to play.
  • Delivery, installation and levelling included.
  • Playfield Sizes:      12ft: 356 x 178cm.
                             10ft: 294 x 147cm.
                               9ft: 254 x 127cm.


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