Polyhedral Dice
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Polyhedral Dice

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Four-Sided Dice, Eight-Sided Dice, Ten-Sided Dice, Twelve-Sided Dice, and Twenty-Sided Dice

These Polyhedral Dice come in five different styles – 4 Sided Dice, 8 Sided Dice, 10 Sided Dice, 12 Sided Dice, and 20 Sided Dice. Made of durable opaque urea plastic, our Polyhedral Dice measure about 3/4" in diameter and they are available in the following colors:

  • Black dice with White Numbers
  • Blue dice with White Numbers
  • Green dice with White Numbers
  • Red dice with White Numbers
  • White dice with Black Numbers
  • Yellow dice with Black Numbers

The minimum order for Polyhedral Dice is 1,000 pieces.

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